Arduino ProMini Screw Shield
Layout PCB for Pro Mini screw shield
Pinout of "gold" ProMini
Pinout of Red ProMini
Nano, ProMini Screw Shield, ProMini Gold, ProMini and Shield combined.
UNO Screw Shield for comparison to ProMIni
Pro Mini Shields
Arduino Pro Mini
Tuesday, May 17, 2022
The Arduino Pro Mini is an MCU board similar to a Nano (see photos below), but is smaller.

There are 3 versions, one I call the Gold version because it has a "gold" reset button and comes in two different voltage usage, 3.3 and 5 volts.  The third Pro Mini I call the Red version because of the red reset button.  The pinouts DIFFER, but I made a "universal" screw shield to accommodate both.

Because the FTDI programming header is mirror-image between the two (red, gold - see below), I did not make PCB connections to these pins and instead just mount a header on the ProMini MCU board.

Also, A4,A5, normally used for I2C wires SDA and SCL are located on pins in middle of the MCU board.  They do not come out to a screw terminal. Similarly, A6 and A7 do not connect to a screw terminal.

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