Northern Raider- Pictures

Northern Raider is the name given to my1987 Mustang Convertible by the editor of a Mustang Magazine that did a feature of the car. (See Magazine Features). This is my show car and former race car. It has been featured in 6 magazines and is the winner of over 50 awards including two at the World of Wheels in 1996 and one in 2007. I retired it from racing when I built the 1982 Mustang. (Click on thumbnail for larger picture) In summer I drive this car to work as many days as I can. It is NOT a trailer-queen!

Major changes in 1987, 1993, 1996, and 2007

Go here for Historical Overview (4 pictures)

Go here for Body Work buildup pictures

Go here for World of Wheels 2007

Drag Racing

I raced the 1987 Mustang for about 5 years moving from the stock 15.7 seconds @ 87mph in the 1/4 mile to 12.3 @ 113 mph on a 3800 foot altitude track. I raced in a number of shoot-outs and did a a number of stints of bracket racing.

Show Car

I showed the car in a number of Mustang International Meets (USA and Canada), and many Show 'n Shines between drag-racing and when I got my other race car. I have participated in up to 15 car shows in one year.

Stereo System

It was my significant other that said "the car looks good but the sound is crap" (and I had Ford's "supreme sound" system!). I upgraded to a 500 watt/15 speaker Alpine system which lasted about 5 years, then changed that out a couple years ago to what you see here- 2400 watt stereo system with 2-10" subs in the back and tweets and midrange in the front.

In 2010/11 I revamped all the equipment in the back seat and added a battery and battery isolator in the trunk. I also added two 6-1/2" subwoofers to the sides.

In 2011/2012 I made some tweaks to some of the fibreglass pieces (shown below), rewired the entire system, and installed a new head unit (2xDIN) with TV, GPS, Obstacle detection, Bluetooth, etc. And I FINALLY got all the parts refinished and painted.

Switches for alarm, garage door, and 2 others

Dynamat sound-absorbing material, used 2 rolls in the doors.

Visonek Sub, 1000W, dual-cone

Lighting bolt conductors were plasticized and painted.

Look at the size of that power cable!

2011 Update:

I broke the bottom part of the panel trying to bend it

Here it is repaired with fibreglass

And sanded and painted.

I rebuilt the main backboard so top would follow contour of amps

The 6-1/2 sub in the new driver-side, fibreglass panel.

All set in place to see how it fits. Needs paint now


Stock, Parked in front of Lieutenant Governor's Mansion in Edmonton

Getting towed out of my work parking lot after I blew 3rd gear on Memorial Drive drag-racing a Porsche.