Latest Upgrades to Northern Raider

Dress Up

  • Removed seats, stereo, rug, console, head unit, trunk battery and under-hood battery
  • Metal cobra insignia
  • Redid all the wiring from front to back, including for the new head unit.  Labelled all wires, and put into wire loom material.  I also made a drawing showing what was in each cable group.
  • Installed new head unit which is 2X DIN, into aluminum console.  Had some cutting to do
  • Fixed up all the fibreglass pieces I made for the stereo system in the back seat, then took them to a paint shop who did a little more finish work, then painted base and 4 coats of clear.
  • Put tarry stuff on floor pan of interior, then covered with a rubberized material that would not stick to the rug I then laid down.  These materials will isolate road sounds from the cab.  The stock sound absorbent material had been removed when the sub-frame connectors were installed
  • Made a new control box for the doors, windows and future automatic hood control.  Mounted behind the passenger seat under the rug.  This box is simpler and better wired than previous.
  • Made a transition piece between back end of console and stereo so that one flowed into the other.  Made out of fiberglass, had it painted as well.  Lifting the piece exposes a storage area.
  • Installed new AGM battery under hood and took the existing one for installation in the trunk for the stereo system.  I have a charge diverter near the engine that will charge both batteries.
  • Had a new vinyl tonneau cover made for the top.  My attempts to make it out of fibreglass failed: too heavy, bulky, hard to store.  Went back to the original stretchy-style.
  • Put in new seatbelts
  • I made a printed circuit board (PCB) with a PIC MCU on board to control how my split hood operates.  Currently I open the hood with two switches, but with this gizmo I'll be able to send out one command from a remote control that will open both sides of the hood, in sequence. Go Here for photos, link to video, PCB artwork, schematic, and program. (It works on the bench)