Short Block Ford 351 " G" Race Block, special for Nascar
  Siamese water jacket, Cleveland 4-bolt mains
CID Stroked to 398 cubic inch displacement
Pistons J.E. Custom Forged 4032, double Spirolox, balanced to 1 gram
Wrist Pins Chev diameter, lightweight tool steel
Rods Eagle 3-D H-beam w/8740 ARP bolts, Chev journal size
Rings Childs& Albert Plasma-Moly top, cast second, standard tension oil (3 piece), file fit to .003"
Bearings Clevitte H eccentricity, Teflon coated @ Nascar Industries
Crankshaft Kellog 4340 High radius, non-twist race crank.  49 lb weight, 3.9" stroke
  Pro Street Crankshaft damper (NHRA-certified)
  Internally balanced with 6 slugs of Mallory metal
Heads Trick Flow aluminum Race heads, ported and polished
  ARP head studs
  Fel-Pro Race head gaskets
  Heads port-matched to intake manifold and exhaust headers
Valve Train Hardened pushrods
Valves intake Manley severe duty, small block Chev 2.08" , NK-844 SS 
Valves exhaust Manley severe duty, small block Chev, 1.65" , XH-428 SS 
  Crane 1.6:1 roller rockers
  Crane solid roller lifters
  Competition Cams roller camshaft, custom grind
  Dual helical Competition Cams valve springs
  Milidon true roller timing chain and gears
  Moroso chrome valve covers
Lubrication Melling high volume oil pump
  Canton deep race pan
  Canton windage tray
  Remote Canton oil filter
Intake Manifold Edelbrock Victor Junior, 9.2" deck, port-matched to heads
Carburetor 700 CFM Speed Demon
Headers Custom, 2" exhaust pipes, port-matched to heads
Collectors 3-1/2" collectors
Exhaust 3-1/2" Magnum mufflers
Fuel 16 gallon RCI Fuel cell with foam insert
  Dual Holley-blue fuel pumps
  Holley pressure regulator
  Dual high-pressure (metal jacket) fuel lines
Drive Train  
Transmission Ford C-4 with hardened input shaft
  JW 5300-rpm stall lock-up converter
  B& M Pro-M ratchet shifter with lock-out gates
Drive Shaft Custom made
Differential Ford 9" with lightweight spool, 5.14 gear set
Axles Strange Hy-Tuf race axles, 33 spline, custom length
Rear tires Mickey Tompson ET Drags, 28x10.5
Distributor MSD billet with bronze cam gear
MSD 6AL ignition box  
Plug Wires Moroso high temperature
Battery Rear-mounted Optima with external battery switch
Taylor battery box  
  Raider Racing switch panel
  Raider Racing ESD switch
Charging System Off-car through inverter, no alternator on engine
Timing 38 degrees total advance, no initial
Cooling System Flex-a-lite electric fan
  Moroso electric water pump
  Fiberglass race bucket seat
Miscellaneous 5" Autometer tach
  Autometer fuel, temperature and oil pressure gauges
  RCI 5-point harness (NHRA-certified)
Front tires Goodyear Front Runners
Wheels Weld Draglites, 5 lug, front and back
Brakes Rear-drum, front -11" disk (SVO)
Fuel VP Fuels C-12 race gas, 100 octane  C-16 for NOS
Line lock Biondo
Suspension   Ground Zero Lift Bars  Modified 4-link
  NHRA-certified 10 Pt roll cage
  Sub-frame connectors
Electrical Wiring Raider Racing
Instrumentation Raider Racing
Machining/Balancing RMP Engines (Bob Prowse) - Calgary
Frame/Suspension Ground Zero Race Cars (Lorne Russel)
Race Class: Super Pro (10.0-12.0 ET)
Weight of car 3254 lbs with driver and full gas
Dyno' ed horsepower 800 HP, by Guyon Racing
Computer modeled performance: 10.2 seconds @129 mph in the 1/4 mile.
Actual performance 10.0 seconds @135 mph on 2200 foot altitude track