Re-living the last hunt

Let's see if your ears are even

There's a squirrel up there!

Like crossing your fingers?

This is sure a neat pattern on this floor.

8" hole Sunshine crawled into

Sunshine's play area

Resting after walk on the rocks

Sunshine and her sports bra

On the hunt for a mouse

Shaved for IV

I wish I could climb trees

Dog cookies (Walmart)

Squirrel Watching

Watching Bob
Barking at Vacuum

Play with Bob

Play with Bob

Play with Bob

Waiting for Walk Instructions

Tired after playing with toys

Another kill

Minister's Hat I chewed on

New Ninja harness. I'm a Pro now!

Pulling this sleigh was a piece of cake

Yeah, I made a mess. so what?

I'm the Queen of the Mountain...

You didn't tell me Lassie was on TV...