Alex Bauman
He shook off chronic shoulder pain and the deaths of his father and brother just prior to the 1984 Los Angeles games to capture gold twice in both the 200 and 400 metre medley.  Oh yeah, he set two world records.

 Ben Johnson

Fastest man of all time. Set record of 9.79 seconds for 100m, only to have that and his gold medal stripped for testing positive for drugs.

Big Ben

Best horse to ever compete for Canada. A legend in the equestrian world.
Bobby Orr

Completely changed the way defense was played. Only won two Stanley Cups, but every other award he could possibly win, including the only defenseman to win the scoring title. Career cut way short by knee injuries, he managed to play his best hockey at the 1976 Canada Cup

Brian Orser
figure skater
Catriona Lemay Doan
Dominated women's speed-skating sprints for a number of years. Endless wins and world records in world cups and championships, as well as delivering in the Olympics.
Cliff Thorburn
snooker champion.  I heard his name often, ┬Žonly found out he was Canadian now.
Donovan Bailey


Elvis Stoyko
Elvis Stojko - 3 time world champion figure skater, won silver medal in Olympics
Eric Gagne


Ferguson Jenkins
Hall of Fame baseball pitcher
Gaetan Boucher
double gold medalist in 1984 winter olympic speed skating events.
George Chuvalo
boxer, actor, the only boxer Muhammad Ali couldn't knock down.
Gordie Howe
Gordie Howe - "Mr.Hockey", longevity and consistency were his hallmarks, coming out of retirement to play a final year of pro hockey with his sons, when he was 52.
Greg Moore
Indy Car driver
Jacques Plante


Guy Lafleur
Guy Lafleur    - "The Flower" - multiple NHL scoring champ and MVP, top international player, hall of famer who came out of retirement after 3 years to be the top player on his team. the most electrifying player of all time
Jacques Villeneuve
racecar driver, father of Gilles Villeneuve, also a racecar driver
James Naismith
invented basketball, 1892
Jean Beliveau
Jean Beliveau - Known for exceptional class and grace, led Canadiens teams to 10 stanley cups, the link between Richard and Lafleur,
Joshua Slocum
First man to sail solo around the world, known as "America's greatest sailor"
Ken Dryden
Goalie for Montreal Canadians, author, lawyer, now an MP
Kurt Browning
Kurt Browning - 4 time world champion figure skater, first guy to do the "quad" in competition, all around nice guy (met him in Edmonton once when he was filming a commercial on the ice just before a hockey tryout).
Larry Walker


Marilyn Bell
swam Lake Ontario, English Channel
Mario Lemieux
Lead the last placed Penguins to two stanley cups in the first half of his career.
Mark Messier
Mark "Moose" Messier - the ultimate team captain, was Gretzky's right hand man until the Gretzky trade, then became the top guy. Classic hockey style of speed, physical play, and consumate skill.
Martin Brodeur
My personal hero.  Was goalie for 84 Olympics when Canada beat USA.
Mike Weir
golf champion
Nancy Greene
Gold medal in Grenoble Olympics, Giant Slalom
Patrick Roy
goalie, and a good one
Paul Tracy
race car driver
Rick Hansen
did a complete world tour in a wheel chair, to raise money for charity. "Man in Motion".
Rocket Richard
Rocket Richard - Purest goal scorer ever, and possibly the most intense player of all time. Unjust suspension for the entire playoffs cost the Canadiens the Stanley cup one year. Fan anger turned into famous St.Patrick's Day riot. First to score 50 goals in 50 games, first to score 50 goals in a season, was part of 5 cups in a row Canadiens team of the 1950's.
Scott Goodyear
Indy Car driver
Simon Whitfield
Won first ever Olympic Triathlon. Continued to lead world in this demanding sport. Update 2008: In the Beijing Olympics Simon was in the chase pack just before the last lap of the 10K running event. He moved up to the 3 leaders so that there were 4 with 1 lap to go. As they came around the final turn in front of the grandstand he was about 10 meters behind when he took off his visor, said to himself, "it's time to go", and hit the retros to not only catch up to the front leaders, but pass them With 200 meters to go, the German competitor took on the challenge and bested Simon for the gold. Mr. Whitfield won the silver.
Steve Bauer
Steve Bauer - Only Canadian to wear the yellow leader jersey in Tour de France cycling event. Wore it for 9 days. Won silver medal in 1984 Olympic road race (lost sprint by photo finish).
Steve Nash
Steve Nash - Best Canadian basketball player. Led Canada further than anyone expected in last Olympics, nearly led his team the Mavericks to the NBA championship.  Won NBA trophy for most valuable player.
Terry Fox
Terry Fox (he became famous through running) - Ran across Canada in support of cancer research. Had one leg, and was dying of cancer all during run. Died before finishing.
Toller Cranston
figure skater
Victor Davis
Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky - lead the offensive revolution of hockey through the 1980's, changing the way the game was played. Went on to popularize hockey in the USA.  Most hockey awards of any player alive or dead.
Bret Hart
wrestler, starred on The Simpsons as himself, #39 in famous Canadian list.
Silken Laumann
She was the favourite to win gold in women's sculls less than 3 months before the Olympics, when during warmups at an event in Germany,  a boat cut across her path, breaking her lower right leg and tearing up muscles and ligaments.  Yet she qualified for the Olympic final 78 days later.  She beat the American in her event, picking up a bronze medal.
Greg Joy
Canada hadn't won a gold medal on it's own soil in the 1976 Montreal Olympics and it was the last day of the Games.  With comments by Dwight Jones, his main American competitor, saying he "hated French Canadians" to spur him on in the long jump, Joy busted him and won the silver medal.
4x100 Relay Team
1996 Atlanta.  Wow!  What a race!  Hot on the heels of Donovan Bailey's 100 metre sprint gold, came a showdown between the USA and Canada.  Donovan Bailey, Bruny Surin, Robert Esmie and Glenroy Gilbert did not disappoint.  IN the heats the USA recorded 38.58 and Canada 38.68 times, leading to the final.  In it, Canada opened up a lead in the second leg and Bailey, running fourth, beat US anchor Dennis Mitchell to the finish line by 4 metres.
Alexandre Depatie
4 weeks before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Alex broke his foot and couldn't train in his sport, high diving. Didn't matter, he won Silver medal anyway.
Sidney Crosbie


Christine Sinclair










Famous Canadians Sports Figures