Canadian bush pilot and WW1 flying ace, helped bring down the Red Baron.  Rock on Mars named after him by NASA.
Alex Trebek
Game show host, "Jeopardy"
Art Linkletter
TV personality, wrote a book too
Conrad Black
publisher, turned crook
David McTaggart
co-founder of Greenpeace
Douglas Cardinal
architect, "Canadian Museum of Civilization", "National Museum of the American Indian
Garth Drabinsky
entertainment mogul
Howie Mandell
comedian, actor.  Co-hosted Regis and Kathie Lee. Was in TV show St.Elsewhere.  WAs host of Deal or No Deal, a job he did extremely well.  Currently a judge on America's Got Talent
Jack Warner
co-founder of Warner Brothers
John Kenneth Galbraith
economist, advisor to many US presidents
Keith Morrison
journalist, "Dateline NBC".  Worked at CTV before that.  Stepfather to Mathew Perry
Kimberly Conrad Hefner
The name should say it all.  One of Hef's wives, I think his only WIFE.
Lester B. Pearson
Former Prime Minister of Canada, gave us the Maple Leaf Flag, won Nobel Peace Prize for efforts in peace-keeping.  Author of the "Prime Directive" that is mentioned occasionally on Star Trek.  (Star Trek writers just modified it for alien worlds).
Linda Evangelista
Lorne Michaels
creator, producer,director of Saturday Night Live, Austin Powers, Happy Gilmore, Caddyshack
Marshall McLuhan

"The medium is the message"

Michael Copland
founder, CEO of Corel
Monty Hall
"Let's Make a Deal"
Moses Znaimer
TV mogul
Paul Shaffer
Lettermans music man.  When he got his star on Canada's Walk of Fame, he impressed all with his music and his vigor.
Peter Jennings
ABC news anchorman
Pierre Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada during the FLQ crisis, which he handled well
Rich Little
The most famous of all impersonators, 'cause he was the best.
Rick Hansen
Went around the world in a wheelchair.
Robert MacNeil
US TV news commentator
Shannon Tweed
actress, Playboy Playmate
Terry Fox
Died of cancer trying to run across Canada on one leg.  Other leg lost to cancer.  His courage and death sparked runs for cancer all across Canada.  Now there's a hero.
Winnie the Pooh
toy bear named by Canadian soldiers after the city of Winnipeg
Wop May




Famous Canadian Celebrities