Michel Menard
Founded Galveston, TX.
Charles Bronfman
David Rockola
Yes, the guy who made jukeboxes.
Joseph  Bombardier
snowmobile.  The company now makes mid-size jet aircraft
Lino Saputo
Dairy magnate
Jim Pattison
owns most of Vancouver
K.C. Irving
owns most of Maritimes
Guy Laliberte
man behind Cirque du Soleil
Ron Joyce
Started Tim Horton's with Tim Horton, then bought him out.
Tim Horton
hockey player and donut maker
Pete Luckett
Pete's Frutique, neat store in Bedford, sold to Sobeys.  Luckett has a winery now
Jim Treliving
King of Franchises.  Owns Boston Pizza and Mr. Lube.  On Dragon's Den
Herbert H. Dow
Dow Chemical started by him
E.D. Smith
Elon Musk
Yes, the Tesla guy
Conrad Black
David Asper
Arlene Dickinson
Edgar Bronfman Sr.
Phil Reichman
Frank Stonach
Galen Weston
owner of Loblaws, Canada's biggest supermarket chain.
Jack Warner
Movie mogul.  Warner Bros.
Alexander G. Bell 
Inventor of he telephone.  Lived 2/3 life in Cape Breton, NS Canada
Jim Basillie
Man behind Blackberry, supports the Perimeter Institute.
Kevin O'Leary
Business Men and Women