Do You Hear what I Hear?
Since many of us at Spartan had to worked where there was noisy plant equipment like
motors, engines, compressors, etc, Spartan would have Occupational Health come in with
a mobile trailer to do free ear tests. While waiting for my "appointment", I sat in the shop
area where we were supposed to, in order to keep the flow going.
One guy came out of the trailer into the waiting area and when our eyes
met, I mouthed the words, "Well how was your hearing test?" He looked
at me, quite startled, and asked, "What did you say"? So I repeated the
mouthing, not saying the actual words. He was even more startled so I let
him off the hook and started laughing, telling him I was just joking. He put
his hand to his heart and said, "Thank God, I thought I was going deaf!"
My hearing test by the way was over the top, "exceptional" for my age group.