Some general photos of Lassie

Puppy pic...before we got her, about age 1

Teenager photo, maybe 2 years old

Her "safe" place when it was thundering outside

Old photo, before we got here. She loved chew toys

On Lassie Day, July 30, 2013, on her first anniversary with us

Lassie's bed under the desk, her favourite spot

Lassie on guard

Her former bed...that doesn't look comfortable

Cheated out of a long truck ride, she was determined to stay in the truck

After her "coiffure" -shampoo and trim. A Playdog model

Happy and wet - after playing in the ocean

Watching for a morsel of food

Safety/rain vest for night walks or walks in the rain

Loving the dog

Perfect face

Her "I'm a wolf" pose

Husky curl

A favourite spot where we can't go anywhere in the house without her knowing

Fast asleep on the bed

Cooling off

Green from rolling in the fresh-cut grass

Our favourite photo of her

The T-shirt says it all

Cute white eyebrows

I wanna drive...C'mon Bob, can't you hear the horn?

Lassie hates thunderstorms

Another place to sleep

Rolling in the snow, in the summer it's in the grass