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Train Home Page
The buildings were built from plastic kits.  I particularly wanted the ones with only a "front"  with little thickness because of my limited work display space.  Some were bought built and used, and one was scratch built from plans.  All are plastic.
Items in this category: kits, prefab, scratch-built
Delapidated buidling being repaired
My neighbour owned Curtis Feed Mill
Eddie Lefebvre ran a delivery service to Morinville
Small bus shelter near the rail line
Commissary of some sort. No name yet
Arrow Ale.  Came with decals
Weisler wholesale was a clothing supplier
Godzilla's lair.   See video
Steel plant, scratch made from tubes and flat sheet
Bulk fuel, named after a friend of mine who worked for Esso
Main hub of village, the train station
Train control tower, open for tourists
Egg Lake Coal Mine
Egg Lake Coal, near Morinville
Girlfriend's father had a transport company
Bedford water tower
Welding shop, named after my friend who has one
Locomotive water tower.
Train repair shop, has turnout control box inside
Train repair shed, another view